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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Celest's Inadvertent PR Idea

Celest has been obsessing about electric meters lately. For some reason she's decided that they are decagons. And on the topic of geometric shapes, she's been a bit obsessed with the number of sides of different polygons and their names.

However, if I don't give her the name or number she wants she just repeats her version until I agree. The other day she was going on about pentagons, and she suddenly decided that they weren't pentagons after all: they were peace-agons (I chose that spelling, but either way, piece or peace is how she pronounces it).

I was thinking that maybe she could pitch this to the government as part of a Department of Defense and military PR overhaul. The Pentagon would become the Peace-agon, the government entity dedicated to achieving peace. They don't have to change any actual procedures or policies, this would be strictly an image makeover.


*mary* said...

Haha! I love it. Maybe she'll get a group together and we can all levitate the place, too. ;)

Autism Mom said...

She comes up with some good ones sometimes. : )