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Friday, June 25, 2010

It's been a while...

It's been a bit since I last posted because school is out, and I get kind of tired just thinking about all of the things that I've wanted to write. One of our doctors suggested that I put Celest on a medication to help her "focus" on things and increase her attention span. I assumed (correctly) that this meant we start her on a dose of a drug generally prescribed for kids with ADHD. Celest can get pretty wound up at times and is very impulsive, so I thought I'd give it a go.

The medicine didn't really do anything for her, so I took her off of it. Next appointment, the doctor seemed a little peeved that I'd taken her off the med without giving it a full month. She prescribes a new med that does pretty much the same thing but that affects the brain in a slightly different way. This medicine has caused her to have at least one sobbing episode per day (I mean truly sobbing her little eyes out--she looks genuinely depressed and it hits her out of the blue so she also looks a little perplexed) and one "attack" episode per day. She has clawed my arms, pinched/clawed herself, and pinched and kicked my mom. She also stayed up until 9:30 am this morning. She was up until about 3 or 4 am the night before.

I'm thinking this medicine is not a keeper either.

The girls turned 12 this past Monday. We visited with my mom, dad, sister, her fiance, my niece (Violet), my little brother, my aunt, and one of my nephews. The girls had fun for the most part, but they can't resist the urge to run through the house and try to get things that aren't theirs. That's what they do at pretty much any house we visit though.

They played in a little wading pool with Violet and Mary. Poor Violet wanted to "swim like them" but she is just three and much smaller than the girls. The girls kept swirling around Violet like sharks circling their prey. It was kind of funny.

When we got home that night I had to go to the bathroom (I know that may be too much TMI, but it's relevant to the story). While I was in the bathroom I heard this sort of swishing sound. I thought it must be Lotus stimming with something (she likes to rub over textured objects and make repetitive sounds). When I opened the bathroom door I saw locks of hair scattered all over the floor and the counter. I let out an involuntary little shriek, which made Celest cover her ears. Her ears which I could now clearly see because she had chopped most of her hair off.

I guess since we made it to age 12 without having the childhood rite of "self-haircut" we did okay. She sort of styled herself a femme mullet. I trimmed it up the next day and it looks okay, if asymmetrical.

I think that is most of what I wanted to write about. I've got lots of other things on my mind, mainly about the girls getting older and more difficult to take out in the community. However, that subject depresses me and I don't really feel like going down that thought path at this moment.