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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Puberty or Something Else?

The past few days have been really rough. I don't know if it's puberty, the change of starting back to school, or something else all together.

Lotus has bruises all over her arms and torso from her almost constant pinching. She has scabs on her hands from biting them. She has been trying to pull her hair out again as well. She just gets so angry and directs it towards herself. I don't really know why, so I can only guess that it's hormones or stress. Or something else entirely.

Celest has been having rages. She tries to attack whoever is close to her most of the time. Sometimes she gets mad over being told she can't have something while other times it isn't clear what triggers her fury.

Hopefully this phase will pass soon, but either way, it'd be nice to know what the girls are feeling. The reasons for their emotions remain a mystery to me much of the time, which is frustrating.

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