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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dang Life Touch!

First of all, let me disclose that Life Touch, the portrait company, has always sort of irked me. At least as an adult. In my senior year of high school I paid about $300-$400 to have my senior portrait taken by a photographer. He included a yearbook photo, which fit the style and size requirements pretty much all yearbooks follow.

However, when I tried to submit it to the school I was told they wouldn't use it. Why? Because they felt it was unfair to the Life Touch photographer because he did all the other school photos from K-11, so he should be the only photographer for the seniors as well. Bull crap, I think. In the guise of not hurting the photographer's feelings they force you to have your photo taken by him. I'm sure money had nothing to do with it.

Anyway, I ended up getting my pic taken by the Life Touch photographer when I rode along with my friend. I wasn't planning on getting my picture taken, but that's when I found out about the no-outside-photographer crap. The high school year book president/coordinator/whatever-you-call-her looked me up and down, then quipped, "You're getting your picture taken in that?"

I didn't much care for this lady either, and my feelings were confirmed by her snotty attitude towards me. Incidentally, I was wearing the same John Lennon "Imagine" shirt that I had to my other senior portrait shoot.

Anyway, back to the present. I got the little Safe Smile, or whatever they're called, cards from Life Touch last year. I didn't have the money to buy the photos at the time, but the cards said the photos were accessible until December 2010. I thought I had until then to order photos. Nope. I guess that date means that law enforcement can access that photo in the event a child is abducted. To me, I would assume this means that the photo is in a digital retrieval system somewhere until December of this year.

So why can't I order a copy of the pictures then? Well, I can order Lotus' pic until next Tuesday. Celest's, however, are unavailable. As luck would have it, it is the best school picture they've ever taken of her. She is looking right at the camera and smiling. She looks really beautiful.

I'm really sad and annoyed that they won't let me order the picture. Lotus' picture came out good as well, so I'll still order it. I'm just very disappointed they won't let me order Celest's pics.

As the title says, Dang Life Touch!

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