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Friday, May 15, 2009

In the parking lot

I went to pick up the girls from school yesterday, as usual. When I got to Lotus' school, Celest told me she had to poop, and I told her to wait until we got home, which would only be about seven or eight minutes.

We got Lotus and were headed back to the car, when Lotus decided she was going to run away from me. She ran from the car, through a big puddle of water, and then laid down in the front lawn of the school. Celest was in the car waiting.

I struggled around with Lotus, tried enticing her with a piece of gum, and then resorted to trying to physically make her get up. She was able to roll around away from me though. I stood up, exasperated, and looked over toward the car to see what Celest was doing.

I got an eye full. There, out of the open back door of my car, was a pale bum sticking out. She had pulled down her pants, and I suppose, she was planning on taking a poop in the parking lot. I yelled at her to pull up her pants and come help me get Lotus to the car. She pulled up her pants and she got out of the car, but then she decided to pick dandelions and play instead of helping me.

Eventually she came and tried to help me get Lotus to the car, but to no avail. Finally Lotus' teacher and two aides came out of the school and saw us. They were able to get Lotus to the car so we could go home. At least they didn't see Celest with her naked butt hanging out of the car...