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Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Joys of Puberty! (or Will I Survive the Next Six Years?)

The girls are having a rough time, I'm assuming because of hormonal fluctuations. We haven't reached the big M yet (or P, depending on what you call it). I'm thankful for that.

However, we have achieved some super-mega fury tantrums. I have a big bruise on my arm where Celest pinched the holy-heck out of me. She was biting, pinching, and hitting both herself and me. That's after she tried to hit Lotus as well. After about 30-45 minutes the rages pass (with or without the help of some calming medicine).

Lotus has a more sneaky method of unleashing her fury on me. She acts like she wants me to sit next to her and cuddle her. Then she'll lean toward me for a kiss. Next she allows her true intentions to be seen: she grabs my head and mashes it into her head. And, if I'm really lucky, she'll pull my hair and try to head butt me in the face.

Good times are had by all. : )  Honestly though, I hope that this phase passes soon. And/or that I find a better way to end the bad moods more quickly.