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Monday, November 15, 2010

With a Name Like "Super Meat Boy", I Should've Known...

The girls bought about $75 worth of Xbox 360 game credits before we'd realized that they were actually buying things (this was about a month ago). So we changed the billing card to an soon-to-be-expired credit card to avoid further buying sprees.

However, since Microsoft has a strict no refund policy, we decided not to even try to get a credit. So, we had enough game credits to buy about four $19.99 games. I bought Plants vs. Zombies (which I already had on my phone and computer--however Lotus likes it so I thought she might enjoy having access to it when I have my phone & computer). I also bought Viva Pinata, which is a freaking huge game (over 4G). It refuses to download, so I need to get in touch with Microsoft and see if they can help me figure it out.

Then there was a silly looking game on sale, called Super Meat Boy. It said that it was rated T for teen, but I figured that the naughty stuff wouldn't be anything the girls could pick up. Really, when a block shaped guy flips you the bird with a block shaped hand it is pretty hard to tell he's being profane.

Also, the description states that the game is "devilishly hard". They aren't lying. I made it through Chapter 1: The Forest okay, though it definitely had tough spots. Then in Chapter 2: Hospital I was unable to complete any of the stages. Of course I'm probably below average in the skill department for this sort of game though.

Anyway, now Celest and Lotus both keep turning the game on and having poor Meat Boy die over and over and over again. Or watching the intro then logging out and back in to watch it again.

It is a neat looking game with an intentionally retro side scroller feel. And it is funny/quirky without overdoing it too much. Still, when you can't get past a certain point in a game it is annoying. And watching someone else repeatedly fail at a level on a game is just as much, if not more, annoying.

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