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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ooh, Ooh, Ah, Ooh, Ooh, Ah!

Celest came home from school and I heard her singing something under her breath. I got close enough to hear, and this is what she was singing, "We will, we will rock you. Ooh, ooh, ah! Ooh, ooh, ah!"

I thought it was kind of funny. She used to sing "Radio Ga Ga" a lot. That was about five or so years ago, before Lady Gaga took her moniker from the song. Which I've never really understood, since she and her manager likened her vocal prowess to Freddie Mercury's (ha- as if!). "Radio Ga Ga" was performed by Queen, but it was written by Roger Taylor. Out of the entire Queen catalog, I certainly wouldn't choose that song as on that epitomized Freddie's brilliant vocal range.

Oh well. I don't think Lady Bohemian Rhapsody would have gone over very well anyway. : )