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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Estate Auctions and Wheelchair Escapades

Since I didn't have anyone to watch the girls yesterday, I had to take them with me to pick up some items I'd won from an online estate auction.

The items were in a small shop along side a busy section of West Broad Street. They both got out of the car okay and walked in to the shop nicely as well. When we were waiting for a guy to help us find our items, Lotus spotted a large motorized wheelchair and hopped on it. I tried to get her off of it, but she started to do a 360 degree turn. As I reached for the joystick used to control the movement the foot rest knocked over a stack of DVDs and then it soon bashed into a table leg. Luckily the table leg stopped the chair's movement and I was able to get her hand off of the remote.

Fortunately the two guys working for the auctioneer were very understanding. It probably helps that we didn't destroy anything either. : )

I was embarrassed, but the girls had a good time. They were giggling and laughing most of the way home.

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