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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weezer and the primary colors

D'oh! I am editing this to add that I am, apparently wrong (sort of)!
Evidently, the primary subtractive colors are red, green, and blue. The additive primary colors are yellow, magenta, and cyan, which basically is yellow, red, and blue. So, technically, both Weezer and I are correct!

I read this article today: Weezer: in the ‘Red’ zone Metromix Phoenix:
I found the following part pretty funny. (bold added by me)
"You have the “Blue Album,” the “Green Album” and the “Red Album.” Do the colors signify anything?
That shade of blue was always my favorite color growing up; I painted my room that color when I was a kid. There was a Beach Boys cover that had that color in the background, and I thought it was so beautiful. On the “Green Album,” we printed out a bunch of different colors and put them in CD cases and brought them to the store and set them in the racks and then stood about ten or 15 paces away and just looked to see which color popped out the loudest—and it was green. For the “Red Album,” there was only one primary color left."

So the primary colors are blue, red, and green? I know I went to school in the Appalachia region, but we did have the primary and secondary colors right: blue, red, and yellow can be combined to make purple, orange, and green.

I still like Weezer, what with their looking like Buddy Holly and being bare-chested due to their sweaters getting unraveled and all. What's not to love?


*mary* said...

Hahaha! Weezer FAIL! Wow, Rivers Cuomo used the money he made from the first album to go to an Ivy League school, too. Obviously he didn't emphasis Art in his studies.

Violet has been finding my cds and putting them in and the green album is one of her favorites.

Oh yeah- They failed to mention the album 'Pinkerton".

Autism Mom said...

So, how does the Green album stack up against "Jeff Bucky" in Violet's opinion? :)

terry said...

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Autism Mom said...

D'oh! It's agains terms of service to shill for clicks. Better take that off of there before they get you man! They are pretty strict about that.

I did check out your blog though. :) I'm a guitar player only in my mind. I have one but have yet to play anything comprehensible on it...