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Monday, April 6, 2009

The Grab-and-Run Girl is Back

For a while when Celest was younger she went through the phase of grabbing something and running away like she was a fugitive on Cops. This is a little more "age appropriate" for a three-to four-year-old. Now that she's almost eleven it's a bit less forgiveable. And a lot more annoying. Mainly because now she is faster and stronger, so it's harder for me to get things away from her. Generally she wants to either draw all over something that she shouldn't or eat and drink things that aren't hers.

I'm rethinking her career options: before I was leaning towards artist because of her interests and her pretentiousness (just kidding!), but now I'm thinking maybe competitive eating. Sure, it's gross and maybe unhealthy, but it could just be a side income. Never hurts to have multiple streams of income!
Yes, that is my bedroom wall that she has confinscated as her personal canvas. At some point I gave up on scrubbing the images off and instead began tracing the good ones onto paper.


*mary* said...

That is an imressive mural! Is that the wall you painted over recently? Her music nots and top hat gu remind me of the little books like Little Miss Sunshine, those charcters. Those are cool.

You can tell she's proud of her work, too!

Autism Mom said...

I think I did spray primer over those, but my wall is virtually indistinguishable from that photo. She has some awesome "ostopus" drawings on my walls though. She doesn't have trouble saying "c" sounds so I'm not sure why she says ostopus. :)