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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All better!

The girls and I are finally over the nasty flu and stomach virus that we had for the last three weeks or so. Yay! Hopefully we will stay well for quite some time.

Celest is still on a doodling rampage, drawing on any and every available surface. She even drew on the toilet paper holder. She enjoys drawing on paper towels too. The other morning I went to the kitchen and found a big smiley-faced guy on a piece of paper towel with the word "HAPPY" next to him. Maybe that was for my benefit, so I wouldn't ask her what the picture was. That ticks her off sometimes.

Lotus has been doing better with walking without slumping to the ground, which is great. She still does it a little though.

I've been able to take the girls grocery shopping with me the last two weeks which is also great. I was getting tired of not being able to take them to the store or anywhere else for that matter.


*mary* said...

Now that you are all better I guess it is my turn. I think I'm getting strep, or at least a sore throat that is choking me to death since it's inception, earlier today. ugh.

Autism Mom said...

Actually, about three or four days after writing this I began to get a sore throat, congestion, and some swelling in my sinuses. Wee! I've been taking lots of zinc and vitamin C; I seem to be getting better whether or not the vitamins are helping...