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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Recooperating from Spring Break

Dang, the girls have been back in school for a week and two days, and I feel like we are all just getting back in the groove of things after spring break. Amazingly, we haven't overslept and missed the school bus. Usually after a break from school we miss the bus at least once the following week.

That, and I seem to have fallen back into the habit of playing Everquest II at night while waiting for the girls to fall asleep. I try to outlast them so I can take a bath without worrying about what they are up to or trying to keep them from climbing in the tub with me.

Celest is all for me playing Everquest; she calls it orange. She started calling it that about four years ago when I first began playing. I'm not sure what caused her to call it that, as there isn't anything overwhelmingly orange on the game or intro. Anyway, when we head to my bedroom she'll say, "Computer. Play orange please."

Then, once I'm fully imersed in my nerd persona (which is a necromancer, if you're interested), she'll sneak out of the room and get into things. It can be anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes before I realize that she's gone. Very sneaky girl. Lotus usually takes advantage of the situation and sneaks out of the room as well.

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