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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TV Monster

This picture is of a "tv monster". It is also a girl. In addition to the other symptoms of puberty I talked about earlier, Celest seems to have had a huge surge in creativity and her desire to express it. The past weekend she's been on an art binge: she's drawn literally hundreds of pictures. Mostly they are animals, monsters, light bulbs, food, cowboys, and pop (Pepsi and "red" pop). She sometimes labels her pictures, and I have to be delicate when I ask her what she's written if it isn't spelled right. She gets a bit offended when I ask her what something says (or what it is for that matter).

She spelled Pepsi something like this: peecisee. That's not exactly it, but I didn't keep that drawing so I can't check. I feel bad getting rid of her work, but I already have a box full of the girls' older art projects from school and home in addition to several folders and piles of newer works.

Lotus isn't much interested in drawing yet, but it is an emerging interest. She mainly likes to obliterate whatever is on a page by drawing thick lines over its entire surface. Sometimes she will draw little shapes though. She hates fine motor work, so she tires quickly of controlling the writing instrument in an intentional pattern (yes, she hates writing as well!).

Anyway, enjoy the TV Monster girl with her anarchy symbol for a nose!


*mary* said...

Oh yeah, you are definitely sending me that! I am going to frame it!

Autism Mom said...

Hey, I am going to frame it for you.

I think on one of her legs are the letters TV, but I'm not sure.