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Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Touch of Violence

My kids seem to be going through a patch (please let it only be a patch!) of violence. Generally, they tended to only hurt themselves, one another, or me. But lately they've been branching out to others, most specifically their teacher and teacher aides. :(

So far it has involved slapping, pinching, biting, and the occasional head butting. :( We are setting up a behavior plan to try to nip these things before they get worse or become habits (dang that muscle memory sometimes!)

I suppose we'll wait and see. Redirecting, restraining, and waiting out the storm are all that we seem to be able to do for now...


*mary* said...

Hmmm, Violet is camped out in the patch of violence lately, too. She bit me again today. Our friend's baby about her age was here earlier and she was trying to pull her around by her dress. Mind you, this toddler outweighs Violet by a good seven pounds! Violet is the tiny terror!

Autism Mom said...

Hmm, don't let her talk to my kids then. They'll share trade secrets!

Anonymous said...

Oh, do share what you're doing. We're having the same problem.

Autism Mom said...

The girls are starting to settle down a little, and I hope that we take a break from the angriness for a while. It is truly tiring!

I give my girls supplements, including inositol powder, which is supposed to help calm and relax. Sometimes it seems to really work on Lotus while other times it only seems to have a very mild calming effect.
Baths and showers really help with Lotus, and, while Celest enjoys water, when she's mad she doesn't get distracted from her anger easily.
Usually I try to redirect the girls to something fun, but only if it isn't something that they asked for and got mad when I didn't give it to them. I don't want them to think I "gave in", but I do want to change the mood to a happier one!