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Friday, October 24, 2008

More Silly Things...

I want to share another silly thing that Celest said the other day.

She had sneaked into my vitamin cabinet (Tangent: AAAHHH! Does anyone know a safe and effective child lock for a cabinet besides the baby locks that you have to release with your hand to open? And that isn't a lock and key?). She found some old ear plugs that I had bought for when they were taking swimming lessons, which, of course, went unused. They were blue foam like circles that you form into the shape you need to plug your ear.

Anyway, I think Celest thought they were bubble gum and she had put one in her mouth. I saw her, freaked out, and told her to spit it out. Instead she did a cartoonish gulping face and sound when she hurriedly swallowed it. I picked up the other ear plugs and put them in the garbage after I'd admonished her that it isn't safe to eat ear plugs.

Later that weekend she went to my mom and said, "I want ear plugs please."

My mom told her, "No, you can't eat ear plugs!"

To which Celest replied, "Delicious!".

Hmm, now if only healthful foods were so desirable to her. Actually she's a pretty good fruit and veggie eater, but lately she's been wanting to eat inedible things. I don't know if that is considered pica or not, but it is driving me crazy!

This story also reminds me of something she said several years ago. She had a cold and had started to pick her nose because it was congested. I tried to teach her to blow her nose, but she couldn't quite get it. So, I would just have her wash her hands well every time I caught her picking her nose.

Then she decided to take it a step further: she would put her finger in her nose then in her mouth. I would tell her it was dirty and yucky and make her wash her hands. Then one day she stood in front of me, put her finger in her nose, then licked the finger, and declare, "Kid delicious, mom nutritious."

It was gross, but it was also so funny that I couldn't help but laugh. Evidently Kix isn't the only kid delicious, mom nutritious option out there...


*mary* said...

Hahaha. That is both hilarious and kind of gross. So, typical kid fun.
Man, you should hear the new sounds Violet is making. I guess she's going through some "vocal play" as they call it, while she is trying to enhance her speech. I need to get some on video. You will crack up. She is making these throaty sounds that fluctuate wildly, so she ends up reminding me of Bobcat Goldthwait. (Spelling? You know who I mean.) She just found a cup with a drip of Coca-Cola in it, which is now down the front of her shirt. She's still carrying it around going, "MMMMmmmMMMmmm" as though it was the most delicious nectar of the gods.

By the way, the word verification on this post is "boasteds" which is funny to me. (I'm Old Gregg!)

*mary* said...

Hey, found free mighty boosh ringtones!

Nicole' Happiness said...

lorie i was wanting to see if you could give me some information about what to tell schools so i dont have to give nicolas his shots for him to attend school. my email is

ps dicky says you cant write a book about portsmouth without aleast having him on the blurb

Autism Mom said...

Here's a copy of an article that has sample refusal letters and info. on it. Be persistant!