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Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Funny Comment

Celest was looking through a kitchen drawer the other day, and she found a basting brush (which looks like a giant paint brush). Since I never have used it I told her she could play with it.
She got really happy, lifted it in the air, and announced, "This is my sanitary napkin!" She was so serious, even officious, as she made her pronouncement that I cracked up.
We've been working on puberty related issues, so I'm assuming that someone at school called a "pad" a "sanitary napkin". :)


*mary* said...

I am still cracking up about that from when you told me earlier.

Autism Mom said...

It is pretty funny. I think it was the randomness and the formality of it that keeps me cracking up. :)

WritingAllNight said...

Oh, my, goodness.

I still have a few years before the puberty issues, thank goodness!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad you liked the butt cream thing :-)