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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Celest's Playlist

Celest has decided that she wants to use my headphones and laptop to listen to music on YouTube. She's had fun with it. I, however, had to figure out what she was talking about some of the time. Here's her list for today so far:
  • Muse Butterflies and Hurricanes
  • Muse Take a Bow
  • The Beatles The Continuing Tale of Bungalow Bill (or whatever the proper title is)
  • "Moby Honey Play" as she called it; the song Honey from Moby's album Play
  • Muse Razor Blades
  • oble-doble-doble-oble (and some other syllables that sound roughly like that)- she wanted Ob-la-di  Ob-la-da by the Beatles- This one was my favorite to figure out.
  • Muse "Museum"- actually Muscle Museum
  • and "coming unplugged", which I never did figure out for her. Nothing that showed up on YouTube was what she was looking for. 
She's feeling a bit musical today, I suppose. I brought my bike and magnetic trainer set up in the house so they could get some exercise, and she's been plucking the brake line and telling me it's a guitar string. 

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