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Monday, June 15, 2009

Done dog

This is a picture Celest drew back around early April. One of our therapists had just left after being with us for over two years, and Celest was just starting to miss her. At first I wasn't sure what "done dog" meant, so I said it out loud and Celest was quick to correct me. "Dionne. Dog."

Dionne had brought a little shih-tzu to our house with her several times so Celest drew him with her.

It was so cute.

It was one of, if not the first time, that Celest had expressed missing someone in such a concrete way. She also cried and asked for Dionne several times in early to mid April. I'm not happy that she was sad, but I am happy that she was able to express complex emotions successfully.


*mary* said...

Awwww, that is sad!

Autism Mom said...

She seems to have gotten over it now. I'm glad that she remembered someone fondly though. Especially someone who made her work hard. :)