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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cracked iPod/iPod Crack

Celest managed to put a large crack in her iPod touch, which from looking around online at Apple repair quotes it looks like it will cost $99 to repair (I paid roughly $200 with tax for the iPod touch new). This experience has also taught me that she is addicted to her iPod more than I realized. Though we have two iPods, the only one she wants is the cracked one.

This morning she ran through the house screaming for her "phone" (I have an iPhone so she calls her iPod a phone) and shrieking "baby, baby, baby!" every time I told her that her iPod was broken. She rolled in the floor, stomped around, and did an overall grade 8 tantrum (with 10 being the worst). It took her about an hour and some baked cheddar cheese & sour cream Ruffles to settle down. I'm hoping her iPod withdrawal doesn't flare up again later today.

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