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Thursday, July 22, 2010


I am curious what others think about cases where parents murder their children. Obviously I began thinking about this because of the story posted below. However I've wondered about this before whenever there was a news story of a parent murdering his/her children.

There have been numerous cases of parents murdering their kids because they thought the child's disability made life unenjoyable or tragic (either the child's and/or the parent's).

I remember reading a story where a Canadian mom took her teenage daugther, who had autism, to a bridge and tried to get her to jump off. Her daughter wouldn't so the mother took her home and strangled her to death with the drawstrings on a hoodie-style shirt. She described what she was thinking during the event: she was crying and thinking something along the lines of "please, just die" over and over.

I remember reading the article vividly, because I sobbed almost uncontrollably while reading it. I was imagining someone killing the child that trusts them. Being the one (or one of a select few) who the child trusted and depended on. The girl fought her mother and tried to free herself.

It may be because I have asthma, but the thought of suffocating to death scares me intensely. I visualized one of my daughters trustingly walking off with someone who wanted to kill them. It made me so sick and depressed. I hate seeing stories like this, but I always read them anyway.

It is so tragic that some people think children and adults with disabilities don't enjoy life. Or that they are such a hindrance to their families that their death is beneficial.

Often when I tell people that my twin daugthers have autism they respond that they are "so sorry". Or that I must really have my hands full (true). Then again most people with kids have their hands full. I also hear that I'm such a great mom, I'm so strong, I'm so patient, I'm such a great person, etc. All because I have two kids with autism. And I hear a lot about how much I sacrifice for my kids, and that lots of other people wouldn't be able to do it.

Really? Being busy, having different (if not more) problems than many parents, and raising my kids isn't really anything I feel that I have a choice in. As long as I can take care of my daughters I will. I don't have anything else so pressing in my life that they are hindering me from. Really, they are the most important thing in my life. I think most parents would agree that their kids are the most important part of their lives.

Anyway, if you care to share your opinion, I made a little poll:

If a parent murders a child who has a disability or life-altering medical condition, do you think the justice system is more lenient with sentencing?
Yes, And rightfully so.
Yes, but it's unfair.
No, it's pretty much the same for any parent who murders his/her child.
No, but it should be.

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