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Friday, March 5, 2010


Ah, my favorite doctrine: bigotry. You've got to love their politician-like ability to repeatedly deny facts despite overwhelming evidence that proves them wrong. And the wholehearted way they fling themselves into conversations, which invariably become arguments. The premise they use to decide who "wins" an argument is who talked the loudest, interrupted others the most, and countered facts with personal insults unrelated to the topic at hand.
Yeah, they are a breed that is hearty and mostly resist the evolutionary developments of intelligence and tact. Mostly though, I am appreciative of how they make me realize that, despite always "winning" in their minds, they are generally sad creatures who alienate themselves from others as they stomp on civility and sensibility. Unless, that is, they have an AM talk radio host job. (not that all AM hosts are bigots, just that bigots who have fans generally preach from some sort of pulpit- be it radio, political post, etc.)