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Monday, February 8, 2010

A day in the life...

Not all of our days go smoothly, but some are a bit more of a hassle than others. My latest example would be about a month ago on a Monday. Lotus stayed up until 5 am, and she had a few messy accidents during this time. So my day began with cleaning poop off of the wall, bed linens, and child. Three times. It's like she waited for me to nod off. Or once I went to the bathroom, which gave her the perfect opportunity. I don't blame her so much, because I know she has GI issues, but still...
Then I got up at 7 am to get her and Celest ready for school. Once they were both on the bus I decided to take a nap while I had the chance.
At a little after 10 am I get a call from Celest's school. She's fallen off the trampoline and cracked her two front teeth.
Fast forward roughly half an hour: Lotus' school calls because they think she may have impetigo. She had rubbed her right cheek and her lips raw, which is a stim that usually comes in the winter time once she realizes her skin is dry.
So I have to go pick her up and schedule a doctor appointment. The appointment isn't until after Celest is home, so yippee, I get to take both girls by myself. That can be a job sometimes.
Turns out it isn't impetigo, just an open sore by her lip where she's rubbed the skin raw.
The week wasn't over yet by any means. Tuesday I had to take Celest to the dentist for her cracked teeth. A dentist visit entails a creepy device called a papoose board, which basically straps her wrists and legs to a board with thin velcro strips and a large velcro-covered body wrap that only her head and lower calves/feet peek out of. She does not like this at all. The dentist was able to put a numbing type of medicine and a coat of the rough edges. We go back in six weeks for a check up. (which Celest negotiates with me each day, "Six weeks?" "Yes." "Go to dentist." "Yes, in six weeks." Her response to that? "Five days.")
Wednesday goes by okay, but I find out that my cousin has died. We knew it was coming, but it still sucks.
My mom won't be able to help me with the girls this week either, so I have no one to provide respite.
Thursday is the first full school day that I don't have to work or pick anyone up early, so I actually get a little bit of work done.
Friday I go to work as planned. Then due to snow I have to leave early so I'll be home for the girls' buses due to a 90 minute early dismissal.
I guess that's more than a day in the life, but honestly that whole week felt like one really long, really bad day.

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