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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dang, it's been a while!

I've had a series of mini-complications, I'll call them, in the past couple of months. As a result, I haven't posted much. I hope to be back on a regular schedule now.
Lotus has been having a bit of a behavior/medical problem that involves lots of changes of clothes and dirty laundry. She seems to be getting better, but it isn't completely resolved yet.
Celest has a renewed obsession with makeup, in particular Cover Girl and Loreal. I have to closely supervise her though, as her favorite thing to do is eat the lipstick. Second to eating it, her next favorite thing to do is draw large, clownish expressions on her face.
I finally competed in a figure competition. I didn't place well, but I did meet my two goals: not to fall down and make a complete fool of myself and not to come in last place. Next year I hope to do better.

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