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Thursday, January 15, 2009

really isn't the best way,
is it? i don't know...

Aw, swollen ankles!
Achy lower back, come on
Stupid PMS!

Yes, you read correctly! The dreaded poetic blog post. Never thought I'd do it, but special circumstances require special measures. I know, I know, haiku! Of all formats, I think the only two worse choices I could have made to really solidify my amateur/hackneyed poet status would be a forced rhyme poem or a free verse poem (stream of consciousness style).

Anyway, my fantasies of this being a great year (not just any great year; I wanted this to be the super-dupe flumox deluxe-style great year!) have already been dashed. It was round about the seventh day that I found this out. Not to be all mysterious-like, but I don't really want to discuss it just yet.

So instead, I'll be thankful that last year is behind me. For instance, round-about this time last year I was fighting to save a six-plus year relationship. When that failed I had to deal with sleep deprivation due to the girls' near insomniac sleeping patterns. Oh yeah, and Celest had developed the maddening hobby of pooping on the carpet, then making sure it got smooshed into the fibers; that ensured that I'd have to break out the carpet shampooer so she'd have the time to concurrently create messes/havoc. Wee!

For now the girls are content merely having a couple of bad sleeping days a week, climbing on things, having random hysterical laughing/crying/angry fits, and being your "typical" 10 & 1/2 year-olds with autism (hmm, that may be an oxymoron...).


*mary* said...

I know. I'm getting a tattoo of the Morton salt girl in your honor. When it rains it whores!
And the world is a vampire, fo sho. Don't let the bastards get you down.
Well, that about tires out my collection of helpful maxims and such. Call me any time. We don't sleep.

Autism Mom said...

We try not to sleep. Well, some of us. Not me. I'd be perfectly happy to sleep forever.
By the way, if I ever find out who caused all of this crap to happen, they are getting an a$$ whooping! You know who you are! ;) Now tell me who you are, so I can commence with the beatings (or, actually, commence with more idle threats of beatings to come!).

Really, I'm a pacifist. Most of the time...

*mary* said...

I have no idea, but yeah, they need an @$$ whompin'! Fo sho! I'll help, and by help I really mean- LET ME DO IT!